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If there's one takeaway, it's that Suzanne (Suz) DeNeen is passionate about enhancing natural beauty and educating anyone who books an appointment how to achieve a variety of looks at home. Embracing who we are on the outside is just as important as embracing who we are on the inside. Let's work with what nature gave us and start feeling comfortable in our own skin!


The desire to hear people out as well as aid fellow humans to express themselves aesthetically and authentically has been there since running around her childhood home in Texas. Suz was too big for her britches in Texas, striving to be the best version of herself she left Texas to attain a business degree from The University of Colorado in Boulder, completed cosmetology school in one of the top hair and makeup schools in New York City, excelled in an apprenticeship and moved quickly up the ladder to a senior hairstylist and trainer in a high end boutique hair salon in the heart of New York City. NYC provided  her with a vast array of experience and knowledge of all hair types and hair styles on so many people of different backgrounds for 8 glorious years. 


New Zealand became her home in 2017. Suz yet again, up'd her game by attending a prestigious academy in Los Angelos by adding permanent makeup/ cosmetic tattooing, lash lifting/ tinting, and brow shaping/ tinting to her beauty tool belt in 2019Suz continues her education and mastery of the artistry of Microblading (AKA Brow Feathering/ 3Dbrow/ Brow Embroidery), Ombré/ Powder Brows, Eyelash Line/ Eyeliner, and Tattoo Removal by saline solution. 


Suz loves to dream up ‘together’ and achieve a ‘whole new look.' Get in touch if you're after any of the following:

- Hair that is new and fresh for amazing daily wear, and every appointment comes with plenty of tips

- Brow Enhancements in customized shapes, sizes, and colors (temporary treatments like tints/ hybrid stains or more permanent w/ tattooing)

- Eyeliner of many sorts, feel wide eyed and gorgeous everyday with cosmetic tattooing

- Lip Blush Tattoo Enhancements that define the outer edges and blends in with your natural lip!

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