Born & raised in Houston, TX. I come from a big family, the youngest of five. My mother is from the coast of Ecuador and father from Michigan, USA. I’ve been fortunate to have an understanding, supportive, and extremely Loving Family.  I am a serious lover of all animals, asian food, travel, Neftflix and me time. 

Beauty and fashion have been a part of my life since I can remember. Like many little girls I would try on my mom & sister’s clothing and heels and get into their makeup, jewelry and nail polish. In middle & highschool, I would gladly assist in doing girlfriend’s eye makeup. In university, I was more courageous and began cutting close friends hair of both sexes. Once I finished my business degree from University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, I set off to the big apple... The City That Never Sleeps... NYC!

I completed my training in cosmetology (“The Practice of Beautifing The Hair, Face & Skin”) through the state of New York at Arrojo Cosmetology School in SOHO in 2009. Immediately I began working at a bustling boutique salon in the Lower East Side, Fringe NY. I started as an apprentice and after 1.5 years, was promoted to Junior Stylist.I held that junior status for 1 Year then was bumped up to Senior Stylist and taught classes in Cut, Coloring and Blow Drys until I left NYC in late 2016...

It happened... I met a Kiwi. We lived in Costa Rica for 6 Months and landed in New Zealand in 2017. We traveled and worked on farms and began to settle in to the area at the end of 2017. I traveled back to the glamorous fashion hub of Los Angeles, USA for specialized training in permanent makeup. After a 2 week intensive course in the Artistry of Microblading (AKA Brow Feathering/3Dbrows/Nanostroke/Hairstroke/Brow Embroidery), Ombré/Powder Brows, Eyeliner, and Tattoo Removal, and a recent trip back in 2019 to study *permanent lip tattooing*, HERE I AM!


I Love to dream up ‘together’ and achieve a ‘whole new look.' Get in touch if you're after any of the following:

- Hair that is new and fresh for amazing daily wear, and every appointment comes with plenty of tips!

- Hair + Makeup lessons or styling for any event!

- Eyeliner of many sorts, feel wide eyed and gorgeous everyday

- Brow Enhancements in customized shapes, sizes, and colors,   

- Lip Blush Enhancements that define the outer edges and blends in with your natural lip!