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Natural Brow & Lash Treatments


Permanent cosmetics is awesome, but not for everyone- I totally get it. 

Suz is a trained professional of proportional brows. Continuing with The Beauty Den's "no rush" policy. All appointments are treated as equals in timing, precision and execution. Varying packages to suit individual needs will surely take you from bare/overgrown brashes (brow-lashes) and lashes to a more confident and stunning you. Get the works or come in for a tidy up of 1-2 areas of concern. All the while, in a clean and peaceful setting.


Don't forget to stock up on grooming supplies and growth serums. USA made tweezerman, brow sculpting scissors, Revitalash eyelash and eyebrow growth and conditioning serums available!

Ultimate Natural Brows   $75

45 min- 1 hour 

This 3 step treatment is for those who have a bit of brow and want it either tamed or enhanced! A truly semi permanent, natural looking results, balancing act. 


  1. Brow Map: Precisely measured and pre-drawn

  2. Brow Sculpt: Tweezed to perfection

  3. Brow Tint: Customized tint lasting 4-6 weeks that covers grey and little blondies in order to create balance and the ultimate natural brows 
    * add Lash Tint of your choice ($20)


​Lash Tint + Brow Sculpt + Brow Tint   $60

45 min- 1 hour 

Get your brows sculpted (tweezed) following your natural pattern and custom tinted dark as the night.

Choose 1

15-30 min

  • Brow Sculpt (tweeze) $20 

  • Brow Tint $25

  • Lash Tint $25

Eyelash + Eyebrow Conditioning Growth Serums 

 Use once daily to see improved health and growth in lashes or brows. ​Begin to see results in 6 weeks, for best results use for 4 months and then set your routine particular to your individual results. The Beauty Den is an authorized dealer of this safe, effective and cruelty-free beauty product.

  • ​Revitalash Eyelash Conditioning Growth Serum 

    • 3.0ml (approx 6 month supply) = $​189

    • 2.5ml (approx 3 month supply) = $129

  • Revitalash Eyebrow Conditioning Growth Serum 

    • 3.0ml (approx 4 months supply) = $159​

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