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Lip Blush Tattoo 

Missing out on kissproof defined lips with a natural nude pink color? A custom lip shape and plenty of color options ranging in nudes, pinks, peaches, and reds to match your lifestyle and natural glow is what Suz offers. You want someone who has an artistic eye for symmetry, highest level qualifications from Los Angelos' infamous Daria Chuprys. Suz, takes health and safety seriously and won't rush the process be prepared to spend 3-3.5 hours at your first appointment.  Wake up with time on your side. Swim, sweat & live your life without worrying about smudgy runny lipstick-- ;) Go on!

Not very many permanent makeup artists offer this service but you are in luck, as this is a favorite! It is made comfortable with a topical numbing agent and top of the line equipment.  

Every set of lips are unique. Precise measurement and design is personalized to each canvas, lifestyle and personality of their wearer. You have come to the right place, whether you're after: 

  • a natural and nude colored lip simply giving definition to the overall shape of your lips

  • a slightly peachy, pinky or reddish tint or

  • a more vibrant and deeper lip tone-- the options are endless! 

PLEASE NOTE: A deposit (with your name as the reference) is required to secure any booking. Appointments are necessary! 

***Lip procedures require 2 sessions to ensure pigment placement. Fading can begin within 1 year and can depend on a number of factors; to list a few: skin type, after care, and sun exposure.*** 

Touchup appointments booked within 12 months of last session, $325.

Touchup appointments booked more than 12 months from last session, $375.

Full Lip Ombré  $700

-- 1st appt $500, 2nd appt $200

In preparatio


    • DO NOT take/consume alcohol, caffeine, asprin, Niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, or IBU proven 24 hours before appointment.

      • These affect your blood by thinning it. This can affect the pigment retention.

    • DO NOT tan or have a sunburnt face.

    • DO NOT work out the day of-- NO EXCESSIVE SWEATING the day of.

    • DO YES DO! Please drink LOTS of water (2L minimum/day) to stay hydrated. This will help in the application as well as retention of pigment.

  • Lips:

    • DO NOT get botox or fillers in the 2 weeks prior/after appointment.

    • Ever had a cold sore? (even only once before?) you MUST take cold sore treatment: 2 days before- 2 doses, 1 days before- 2 doses, day of- 1 dose in am.

    • apply Bepanthem/ a good quality lip balm/ paw paw to aid in hydration in the weeks leading up to appointment. This is also a friendly reminder to look after that precious pout! 

What to bring to your appointment

The night before have a read over the dos and donts. On the day, make sure to stay hydrated!! I will have chill tunes on, but feel free to bring your ear buds + an audio book or playlist you love. An extra layer or a light blanket keeps you cozy while you’re laying back under the lime light! ***Keep in mind the topical anesthetic will be on your lips for 30 minutes, you can NOT speak much during this time. Then we will pre draw, critique thickness, length and shape AND THEN start tattooing. 

After your appointment

Please follow aftercare directions to achieve best results. Keep in mind that in many cases, some unevenness of color is to be expected. This is the purpose of the “Initial Refinement” procedure also known as the touch up/ 2nd initial procedure.


Immediately following your appointment, on every hour for 3-4 hours, gently wipe the procedure area with sterile water (or boiled water) and cotton/gauze. In between hourly cleanse, apply ointment provided on lips. For the following 10 days keep the area hydrated! No spicy foods,  heavy sweating, makeup or creams!!! Disposable ice packs may be used to reduce swelling if that should occur.


  • Day 1— You may experience puffy to swollen lips, Your lips may feel more swollen than they appear. Please try to sleep in an elevated position to help reduce swelling at night. You may wish not to use your favorite pillowcase the first two nights. Keep ointment nearby at ALL times, reapply over night and when necessary. Do not allow lips to dry out. 

  • Days 2-3 — Your lips will be be less swollen and perhaps ‘crusty’ upon waking. Pigment in the epidermis will begin to flake off,, although some people do not notice the exfoliation at all, DO NOT PICK/SCRATCH!!!

  • Days 5 — Most shedding should be complete. You’re safe to put your face back in shower spray and may now wear makeup etc. The risk of infection is now extremely low. Proceed with caution and keep hydrated with Paw Paw and healthy doses daily of quality drinking H2O. 

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