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Est 2018 - The Beauty Den (previously known as Bardot & Brando Hair & Makeup Studio)

An affair with hair, makeup & beauty treatments in high school and university led Suz down a career path in New York City. Eight glorious years in the big apple meant a lot of heads of hair and with that, came experience. If you want to have a chat about your hair dreams, please get in touch! 

A boutique hair salon- welcome ladies, gents and children! The Beauty Den is a place where the love of hair is unconditional. Come, ask questions, get real answers, relax and let Suz take the wheel. Enjoy a specially crafted coffee/tea, listen out for a new artist or song, read an interesting magazine/book, and take in the luscious greenery surrounding and cleansing the air you breath. After tedious applications of color/ treatments and technical cuts Suz will leave you with remarkable hair. Bonus-- you will be coached on how to achieve hair salon hair at home!

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